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Journal Socio Humanities Review is a peer-reviewed scientific open access, with e-ISSN : 2808-4144, p-ISSN : 2808-442X published by Institute of Managing and Publication of Scientific Journals at Universitas Swadaya Gunung Jati Cirebon, Indonesia in 2021 and first published in March 2021. Journal Socio Humanities Review (JSHR) publication of scientific articles of research results.

The field of science consists of (1) Humanities, Social, Law, and Religious; (2) Social Science and Communication; (3) Accounting, Business and Management; and (4) Education.


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Proses Peer Review

Submitted papers are evaluated by anonymous referees by double blind peer review for contribution, originality, relevance, and presentation. The Editor shall inform you of the results of the review as soon as possible, hopefully between 1 - 2 months. Please notice that may be paper submissions to JSHR the duration of the review process can be up to 3 months.

Reviewers examine the text of the aspects of quality and substance of the writing (not grammar texts), which includes the freshness, originality, usefulness and validity of citations and bibliography.

Reviewers received the manuscript double-blind review (anonymous author) of section editor or editorial secretariat. If it is not according to their competencies, the reviewer is entitled to refuse the manuscript and recommend it to others more competent reviewer.


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JSHR (Journal Socio Humanities Review) is a peer reviewed journal with open access. The article processing or delivery of the manuscript submitted to the manager or editor through an online system or by using the OJS Open Access publishing model.

In this publishing model, papers are peer-reviewed in the normal way under editorial control. The paper appears electronically and freely available from our website. Authors can also use articles that have been published in pdf format either for non-commercial use on a personal website or non-commercialinstitutions. Users have the right to read, download, copy, distribute, print, search, or link to the full text of JSHR articles.


Creative Commons License
JSHR (Journal Socio Humanities Review) is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.



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